Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Babies...

I keep kids at home. I love kids. Providing quality childcare and early education is something I am passionate about. My favorite job ever was in AR. I was teaching Pre-K. I was young and had no education but I threw myself into learning everything I could learn and the kids who left my class and went to kindergarten were the best. We didn't use a curriculum. We wrote our own. Looking back, remembering that I didnt even have Internet, I have no idea how I learned everything I did. I did this for a while in Meridian but was never given the opportunities I was given back then, and therefore just wasn't as happy. I worked other jobs, made good money but it all came back to this.
It took several months to build my business up. I was very discouraged. Now I am overflowing thanks to God and a little thing called word of mouth. God really blesses you when you are patient.
I have just done the absolute most heartwrenching thing I have ever done. I have a 4 year old. My favorite age to teach. She's a sponge. I could have this child reading and writing like a pro before she goes to kindergarten in the fall of 2012. Yes. I would place money on that. But she's the only 4 year old I'll have left. The other 4 year old that I get part time will be going to kindergarten this fall. Knowing how important interaction with children her age is, and knowing that the parents have already talked about putting her in pre-k in the fall, I have recommended a preschool and a teacher. My heart is broken. What's even worse is that I also keep her baby brother. I just feel that for convenience they will want them both at the same place. So I'm going to lose him too. I hope and pray I do not. Funny how quickly you get attached to these little ones.

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  1. awww... I know that it is hard, but that is part of the little ones growing up. We just changed daycare and it nearly killed me becuase I love where the girls were, but alas... #1 is going to kindergarten this fall and I needed her somewhere close