Sunday, June 19, 2011

Facing the Giants

Well I watched Facing the Giants with my wonderful hubby tonight. This movie is always a guaranteed tearjerker for me.
Spoiler alert!! If you haven't seen this movie now is the time to stop reading this blog. Seriously. Watch the movie then come back.
I love this movie. I've read the reviews. The acting is bad. I don't really give a rip about that. They had no training if I understand correctly. Look past the acting. Look at the people. Look at the raw honesty of the situation.
The guy pretty much sucks at his job, which is a coaching job so really how much money can he make? His wife has a job but probably makes barely above minimum wage. They have a crappy car but they are trying to save and really can't afford a new car payment. They are trying to have a baby but really can't afford that either. They go to church... Their faith is just not there. They are lukewarm like many of us. (myself included) He is so stressed out about every single thing that their marriage seems to be falling apart. Then something happens. His faith does a complete 180. Everything he does in his life he does for God. He prays with his wife, his football team, alone. He gives God the glory for everything. A rebellious son goes to his father and apologizes and agrees to obey his rules. That dad later on buys the coach a truck. Anonymously of course. They are winning games like crazy. Coach gets a raise. Marriage is wonderful. Still trying for that baby. Favorite part of the movie. They make it to state playoffs. Wife is nauseous. Goes to doc to take a test. They tell her she's not pg. Disappointment is not even the word. They realize after she's walked out it's a mistake. Nurse goes out to the truck and tells her it was a mistake. She is overcome with joy. She goes to the game. It comes down to the last second and they pull a miraculous win. He prays with his team. He gets home and his wife tells him he's gonna be a daddy. He drops to his knees and tells God he's overwhelmed. Overwhelmed!! Did you read that??
When is the last time we were overwhelmed by something God did in our lives? You know, it's not often He goes to this extreme to get our attention. He can. But we should be overwhelmed every day that we were CHOSEN by Him. The Maker of the universe. To serve Him. To spread His word. His joy. And live forever. I can't even comprehend forever.
And another point. When the switch was flipped in this guy, he didn't start doing everything for God so he could get a new truck and a baby and a state championship. He did it because he was at the end of his rope and he knew that God would at least help him get through it. God did that. And He went above and beyond. We don't put our faith in God expecting Him to go above and beyond. I had an old friend tell me once that she was trusting in God because she wanted a bigger house. I asked her what was wrong with her house. She said nothing. Her kids were grown and she just wanted a bigger one and she knew that if she believed God for it, He would get it for her. My God is not a genie in a bottle. He provides for my needs as He has promised. Sometimes He does go above and beyond. I have many things I don't consider a need, but I don't have excess. Everything He allows us to have that is beyond what we need, we should be thankful for and not proud or boastful.
Anyway back to the point. Do everything for God. At work. At home. At play. Everything you do, do it for God. When He gives you a blessing, be overwhelmed. Let God bless you!
Now- homework. Go read Colossians 3:23. Yes, now. And while you're at it, go ahead and finish the chapter. Don't be afraid to keep reading. Next blog will be about how I came across this wonderful bit of scripture. Awesome amazing story!!
Goodnight!! Love and hugs to all!!

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  1. My parents have this movie and we have yet to borrow it! Guessing that should be done, soon! So glad to see you're blogging!!

  2. Yes you have to see it. It's one of those that I wi watch on tv everytime. Even though I have it on DVD. Go figure!