Monday, June 20, 2011

Colossians 3:23

I was in a job that I hated. Ironically it was in childcare- the job that is and always has been my passion. More about this passion in another blog.
This job- it was horrible. I needed the money, or so I thought, or I would have left the job in a heartbeat. I just had all of these dreams and ideas and I couldn't use any of them. I felt my creativity was being squashed in a playground filled with dirt- and ONLY dirt. I loved my babies so very much. I wanted to love them and teach them. My parents trusted me to do these things and I worked hard not to let them down.
I found myself getting bogged down with stupid petty office things. "You're supposed to be wearing green scrubs today and not purple"; "ok this kid told you to kiss his ass. Punish him by making him sit in your lap." seriously? Take him out of the big never-ending desert behind the daycare and give him special treatment by letting him sit in my lap? I really hate to see what he comes up with next!!
Anyway. I was frustrated. Beyond belief. Ready to walk in the next day and tell someone off and it was not going to be pretty. Yes I was a Christian then too. But a person can only take so much. Right Lord? Are You on my side here God? I am so obviously being mistreated here!!
Okay so I get home and get out of my car, ready to go in and tell the hubs that It is over. I quit. I look in my yard and there is some paper in the yard. Bright pink paper- almost fluorescent. I grumble as I walk over to pick it up. I pick it up and head to the garbage can but I feel a slight nudging to see what it is. It is a brochure from the church down the street. The youth group is having a get together. I don't have youth at this time so I don't plan on reading much further but one little word catches my eye. Work. Ok a big word at this time in my life. So then I had to look. Here's what it said:
Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men. Colossians 3:23
I had to read this several times to let this sink in. Was this really in the Bible? Seriously? Was this some kind of joke? I'll admit, I had been very vocal about my frustration. I go in the house and grab my Bible. There is was. It was in the Bible. I kept reading. This is the day I realized that no matter what situation you are facing, the Word of God has you covered.
This verse helped me stay at this job another year. I did move on but only after I knew it was time and not in frustration.
Since then, this verse has gotten me through many a rough day. At work and home. Just because it says work heartily doesn't mean it's only talking about your job. We work as much at home these days as we do at work!
No matter what you are doing, do it as if you are working for the Lord. Not that gripey boss. (unless your boss happens to literally be the Lord, in which case you really shouldn't be calling Him gripey...)
If you go up to verse 22, God specifically commands slaves to obey their earthly masters. In this day, this no doubt is referring to an employee/employer relationship. So there we have a command to obey our bosses and then a command to do this as to the Lord- so, with the right attitude.
We must do these things to set a good example. As we know, we are being watched by non-believers who are waiting for us to stumble. BUT- when we start facing our day with the attitude that we are working for the Lord, our days will look much better.
I leave you tonight with a challenge. Write this verse on an index card. Several index cards. Put them up at work. On your fridge. Wherever you think you might need them. Recite this verse over and over throughout the day and strive to live it. Do this for ten days and see if your days don't get better. Then leave me a comment below and let me know. I can't wait to hear about it!!
Love and hugs!!

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