Monday, January 30, 2012

Why Doesn't Mine Look Like the One in the Picture??

Ok. I'm a Pinterest Junkie. Ask anyone. If I'm not up to a thousand pins yet, I'm dang close to it. I love the crafts, the homemade detergents, the mason jars, the decorating, sooo many things!! But the one thing, I have to say that I like the best is.... The RECIPES!!! And if you know me even a little bit, you already knew that without me having to tell you. All of my Christmas recipes canes from Pinterest. Since then, I have made several things from Pinterest, and still plan on making every single recipe I have pinned.
So over the weekend I found a recipe for this divine looking cinnamon roll cake. I freaking LOVE cinnamon rolls!!! I could eat cinnamon rolls all the time. The cinnamon- the icing- oh my!! The ingredients are just basic. I have them on hand so I made it. I got my beautiful stand mixer down and I mixed that bad boy up. I worked meticulously to follow the directions carefully because as excited as I was, I was bound to leave something out.
Baking is my favorite thing ever. But I've noticed the last few things I've baked from scratch have not exactly risen correctly. Several factors could have contributed to this. First thing I did was blame the flour. I threw out all the flour and bought all new flour. The next time, I blamed the MS humidity. Humidity takes the blame for a lot of things around here. (Mostly cooking and hair. )
This time I didn't have humidity problems. I popped open a new bag of flour. Yet still, the timer went off, I opened the oven, and where the cake part was supposed to rise up all around the cinnamon part and make this wonderful flaky caky rolly goodness, I had a flat dry piece of something resembling a cake, with some yummy crunchy cinnamon goodness on top. Nevertheless, I drizzled on my icing and we ate it. I was still not happy. I had to figure out why the CRAP my cakes would not rise!!! (oh- I did take pictures, and I am trying to figure out how to send them from my iPhone)
So I checked my ingredients again. Everything was fine. Except. The baking powder. Turns out, this stuff expires. And I had three cans of it. The one that I happened to be using- yea. It expired in 2002. Yep. 2002. I'm hoping the only thing that I get out of that is a flat cake. Surely I can't get botulism or salmonella from baking powder. You think?
So needless to say, I threw out ALL the baking powder in the house, and hubby bought me more today. So I am good to go until December of 2013.
And yes, I have posted pictures of what this cake is SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE, and then, WHAT MINE LOOKED LIKE!!! GAH!!!


  1. AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!! I finally got it to accept a comment and now I have had to type the comment THREE times!!! I think I am going to quit after this one...either that or copy it before I publish. :-)

    SO...what I was going to say is...YES TAMMY EXPIRED INGREDIENTS CAN MAKE A RECIPE FAIL!!! :-) I just couldn't resist. Can't wait to see the photo of the next attempt! I'm SURE it will be great!!!

  2. I had no idea baking powder expired.... :(